The Professional Unions Network of Canada (PUNC) is an organization of unions and associations representing professionals and knowledge workers, predominantly in the public sector. PUNC works to support its members to:

  • Promote a culture of collaboration and solidarity among professional public service unions;
  • Create opportunities to discuss issues, share experiences, promote understanding, and develop common approaches and best practices, both among elected leadership and key staff;
  • Support coordinated action and knowledge sharing among the parties;
  • Encourage increased organizing and unionization among professionals and knowledge workers;
  • Influence government policy, both through collective bargaining and legislation as it relates to public service professionals;
  • Recognize and respect the independence of each party, and refrain from interference in each party’s work.
  • Respect and promote the values of trade unionism;
  • Protect and defend public services and advocate against privatization and contracting out;
  • Enhance public understanding and respect for unionized professional and knowledge based workers, including the need for representation for these types of workers;